Important Links

Below please find many useful links that can be used in researching the hobby, trains or train parts. Also various museums, train videos and clubs. Just click on the text and it will open in another page.

TCA National Web Site

TCA Desert Division Web Site

NYC Water level Route.

2926 Steam engine move from Coronado Park June 23 1999 by the NMHR.      

Top 10 Fastest Steam Locomotives of All Times.     

Steam on the Horseshoe Curve Altoona, Pa 1930 to 1950.     

Wheels Museum in Albuquerque, NM.

Wheels Museum Video. The huge “O” gauge train set that is very New Mexico. 

Model Train Shows and Railroad Conventions across the USA by Rail Serve.

Lionel Steam locomotive and tender web site guide really good resource.

Lionel parts and ordering web site online is available here for you.   

Post war descriptions and identifying Lionel engine types. Also links too many model train clubs.

All Aboard Trains, good source for upgrades, parts, trains, sound systems and much more.     

Mikes Train House web site is available for you here.

MTH DCS Protosound web site news center where you can order parts and find information.

Hobby Surplus web site for assorted unusual parts for your trains and layouts, many different gauge types as well.

California State Railroad Museum web site.

Steam Town National Historic Site web site.

Conrail cyclopedia EMD index web site where you can find great information about Conrail.

Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad Co and Museum web site.

The Northwest Railway Museum web site.

Arizona and New Mexico Trains at Cajon Pass and Tehachapi Loop web site.

New Mexico Rail Runner web site and has routes, pictures and schedules.

The Chama Toltec railroad in New Mexico web site.

The Durango Silverton Railroad in Colorado web site.

This is the 2926 Steam Engine web site being rebuilt to full operation here in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


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