Technical Documents

Below are some documents on common questions that we all have.

Tonys tech report #1

TONY TECH REPORT WEB1 wiring wiring in general, understanding different gauges, connections and where to find wire at a good price here in town.

Tonys tech report #2

TONY TECH REPORT WEB2 sw trans acc how to wire up switches, transformers and general accessories.

Tonys tech report #3

TONY TECH REPORT WEB3 Multiple transformers how to wire them together on the same train set.

How to make coal loads from styro foam, texture and paint them easily.

How to make coal loads for hoppers. 150719

Find below a document on how to install a new smoke unit that really works great!

Lionel 4410 Daylight Southern Pacific how to install a new smoke unit

Find below a document on how to replace a post war Lionel Hudson engines motor.

Lionel 2046 Motor Replacement

Book Review of Greenberg’s Guide to Lionel Trains, O Gauge Volume 2, 1929-1936  by Bill Schmeelk

Bill Schmeelk book review


  1. I’m wiring a new standard gauge layout. It includes 2 loops connected with 2 Lionel vintage #222 Switches, and I have it blocked into 9 sections. I’ve screwed and unscrewed the track at least 4 times because I keep getting ‘shorts’. I tested each section of track before assembling and all seems well, but when I put it together, the ZW transformer ‘shorts’ out. The last time, I had the track all laid down and the entire layout tested fine, but after I screwed it down, it ‘shorted’!!!
    It seems like the problem will never end… I don’t want to be chasing ‘shorts’ daily when I start operating.
    Thank for any thoughts
    J Hood – Rio Rancho, NM

    1. That’s great that you are building a train layout. This sounds like the insulating pad under the center rail, some maybe damaged and when pressure is applied it appears as a short by screwing them down. Or one of your screws is making contact with the center rail. Check the center rail for damaged insulating pads. Perhaps a isolation test, screw each track down and see if their is a short. Center rail is the power feed and the two out side rails are common/ground.

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