Toy Train set pictures


Merchants Square Model Train Exhibit is one of the most exciting destinations in the Lehigh Valley!

  • Thirty-thousand lights, stars, moon, and illuminated buildings
  • A huge 24′ x 16′ lake with scale rainfall, thunder, and lightning
  • 40 model trains including:
  • 4 underground subways (visible through glass)
  • 5 elevated trains
  • 4 pantograph electric trains
  • Steam and diesel trains
  • The model train layout also includes:
  • A 60-piece operating amusement park and operating drive-in movie theater.
  • A large scale railroad yard complete with Roundhouse, Turntable, and Engine Maintenance complex
  • A ski area featuring 20 operating ski rides and skating ponds
  • Over 1,000 structures. Scratch built and commercial, featuring Bernard Steinmacher buildings – hand made, individually hand crafted, fine detail.



A movie plays on the drive-in screen.



The local and the express.



Working railroad crossings.




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