TCA-RGC Module Videos

Please find below links to various videos. just click the link and the video will open, you can then right click and open up full screen viewing.

Rails Across the Rio Grande at the NM Armory November 21 2014.

Swap meet at the Armory001      Swap meet at the Armory002    

Swap meet at the Armory003      Swap meet at the Armory005 

Swap meet at the Armory009      Swap meet at the Armory010

Swap meet at the Armory012       Swap meet at the Armory013

Swap meet at the Armory014       Swap meet at the Armory015    

We have next the famous disappearing train in the mountain from a TTOS Swap Meet at Presbyterian Church in September 23 2013.

Where did Toms train go 2013_09_23

The train going into the mountain 2013_09_23

The train coming out of the mountain 2013_09_23

TTOS Swap Meet February 26 2022. Have some great videos from the swap meet, near a bridge, with a spectacular Santa Fe double header and cars. Also a California Zephyr and a Big Boy. 

Santa Fe double header & California Zephr

Santa Fe Alco with cars & Big Boy

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